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I am currently based in Asheville, North Carolina.

I was a photographer with the Sandusky Register for 5 years as an intern and a full-time staff photographer. My love for travel pulled me away from Sandusky on a few adventurous occasions, but my passion for community journalism brought me back to the dedicated team.

My column, Handmade in Ohio, featured local artists and their craft. To showcase their creativity, I spent time photographing and video recording the artists at work, producing a collection of stills, a written story and a video for our readers.

As a freelance videographer, I conceptualized, shot and edited the Life in the Dog House web series for The internet loves dog videos and I am pleasantly surprised that my career path led me to documenting the lives of two hard-working dog rescuers. My videos have been featured on, and multiple other online avenues, bringing in millions of views.

I am a member of the NPPA and the Ohio News Photographers Association and participate in the organization's monthly clip contest.